Regaining control through quitting

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John had been a smoker for over a decade, and never once thought about quitting. But after talking to his GP, and combining physical and psychological strategies, John was able to quit with the help of Quitline.

“I had smoked since I was 17 or 18, but I decided to quit when I realised that smoking just didn’t fit into my life anymore. I was doing it out of habit rather than enjoying any aspect of it.

I hadn’t ever given quitting a proper go, because I assumed that the withdrawals would be too much. I thought that I’d snap at people, or would just feel anxious and frustrated all the time. So when I first chatted to my GP and realised that there were medications to take care of all of that, I was able to focus more on the mental aspects with Quitline. It felt like I was giving myself the best chance.

Having someone on the other end of the phone at Quitline to provide support was exactly what I needed―I knew they were there for me and my journey.

I particularly found the practical strategies really useful. For example, I knew that a trigger for me was going to the service station. If I was filling up with petrol or ducking in to pick something up, I’d always get a packet of cigarettes too.

So my Quitline counsellor had some tips to break that habit, just in the first few weeks. I’d take only enough money for petrol out of the ATM, so I wasn’t tempted. I’d make sure I had a drink in my car on the way to work, so I wouldn’t have an excuse to stop on the way. It’s all about taking a moment to prepare yourself―that’s how you help yourself break habits.”

John M, 33




Are you starting to feel like you’re not in control of your smoking?
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